You can not stand out by blending in.

1. Personal Level of Service

Smaller firms and independent designers tend to be more motivated in getting your business, so you’ll often get a more personal level of service, and work directly with the person responsible for your project.


2. Reduced Cost, Same Quality

You will pay less for the same or even better quality of service due to reduced overhead costs.







3. Overall Experience

In many cases, independent designers will have more design experience than the combined years of a design team at an agency because the opt to leave larger firms and start their own.


4. Variety of Talent

Small firms and independents have the flexibility of offering several established outside vendors to specifically fit  individual tastes, style and preferences of the client.






5. Interest in Projects

Independent designer will typically have a higher level of interest and motivation, because they will take on projects within their realm of expertise.




this is think™ is built on the conviction that communication is more than mere words.

We believe that everyone has ideas. It is our business to listen to our clients and to clearly express the essence of their communication challenges. We are dedicated to the absolute and complete satisfaction of our clients whether it is a simple ad or a complete brand awareness campaign. With a large agency background, the firm has learned that communication pitfalls can be avoided by trusting and listening to input from clients and all team members. this is think™ believes this philosophy is the building block for great campaigns and designs. Work together with us on your next communication challenge.


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